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Globalisation as seen from Nepal

08 Apr 10 | Dave
“Nepal” a country in the southern lap of the Himalayas has always been a mesmerizing tourist destination because of its Himalayas, landscapes, temples ,and many to other places people long to visit .

The richness of culture, various ethnic groups celebrating different festivals, the chiming bells, delicious Nepali cuisine dal,bhat, tarkari , the beautiful costumes and ancient sculptures have touched the hearts of millions of people from all around the world.

Earlier here in Nepal, there were only a few schools that too which was controlled by the government and only a certain group of people like the royal family and sophisticated people went to school. There were very less hospitals. Communication was very poor people had to write down letters to hear from their loved ones which took months and months to reach.

However, with globalization ,we got an access to better opportunities ,education having an involvement of various private sectors .We have private clinics in almost all the parts . Technologies have developed to such and extent that we can connect the world In seconds . The use of computers, mobile phones , iPods have become really common these days . Various cars and other means of transport has made the life’s of the people easy.

Moreover, we have foreign multinationals and franchises opening branches in our country, so we have an opportunity to wear foreign brands and go to renowned restaurants staying in the home country .Like Pizza Hut s, KFCs ,Baskin Robins which has become very popular among the teenagers .

With the advancement in technology and choices, globalization has also brought changes in people’s perspectives, lifestyle which is a key factor for development .

Its good to modernize with time and learn different different culture , try different food but we shouldn’t forget what we actually are . What I have seen in most of the teenagers is , in the name of modernization,they are westernising .They criticize the Nepalese culture and change their religion , celebrate some other festivals to be accepted amongst their groups or to show off that they are advanced .This is a wrong concept though .

I was surprised when I interviewed the person working on a Nike store when he said that he only wears branded clothes and also some girls on the Shopping malls saying that wearing guniyo cholo and dhotis ( their traditional clothes) is being a way to laugh amongst colleagues .

Another surprising thing is Nepalese people prefer advertising for foreign brands rather than promoting their own brands .

We are not against them trying new things , being modern but forgetting one’s norms and values is destroying our images .The future is in our hands .If we start behaving like foreigners and adopt their culture then what will the foreigners come to Nepal for? Its because of our beauty , culture , hospitality that these people travel here .If we destroy that, then there is no use of them coming here ..

So the message here is yes Nepal has developed because of Globalisation but if the Nepalese try to modernize in the name of globalization, then it will dent its image

Snigdha Baral, Nepal

Posted by: Dave, 08 Apr 10, 5:38pm


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