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WODC Perspectives: First Round- Pakistan

16 Aug 10 | Leo
With Round 2 of the WODC having got underway we have the first of our WODC Perspectives (inspired by an idea) coming from she who shall not be named who is the team captain of Pakistan.


The World Online Debate Championships augured last year and were discovered by the captain of our team (she, who shall not be named); entirely by chance. Hallelujah sung thrice in her head as she scoured through the first Google result for the entry: ‘World debates cheap’. (Well, second result. The first was admittedly a blog-rant by a fifteen year old about how all the debaters in the world are so cheap.) Excited that such an opportunity existed; she asked if anyone on her Face book friends’ list was interested. About twenty people said something to the effect of ‘Yeah sure; why not? But we’ll only participate in debates we find interesting’. Two divine souls; however: Yumna Sarwar and Hania Jilani promised her their eternal loyalty… not quite…
Well, we were interested in the W.U.D.C which required each of us to pay a specific fee and for our respective universities to pay a much larger fixed amount which we knew was never going to be paid. The W.U.D.C also came with travel costs and very detailed tips on how to debate British Parliamentary style. The W.O.D.C seemed like an easier and less expensive alternative. We (rather I) assumed that this contest being ‘online’ would essentially mean we’d sail through and win it. Wrong!
Rounding twenty people who aren’t actually interested in debating is troublesome when one attempts to coordinate them. Emails headed ‘URGENT/IMPORTANT’ lose their potent credibility just as the boy who cried wolf did; especially when in the first round the other team doesn’t show. Meetings to ensure points already made were not repeated/ deleted bore no fruit. Frustration over the inability to coordinate team members, no sleep (crank calls) and then unprecedented critique from the other side resulted in an incredible loss. We didn’t know that criticizing the other side was a requirement and reprimanded that they should leave the judging to the judges/adjudicators. We (read I) thus appeared to be spoilt rude angst ridden children.
On this WODC we plan to keep our cool, be diligent and critical.

Debate of the Round China V USA 2

Posted by: Leo, 16 Aug 10, 11:48am


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