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05 Sep 11 | Leo

Debatewise.org is proud to announce that the third World Online Debating Championships
commenced on 1st August and will continue until late September. This year, our full pool of thirty
two globe spanning contenders from countries as spread out as Japan, Israel, Mongolia and Rwanda
fiercely battled it out to join previous winners from the Czech Republic and Lithuania in being
crowned the best online debaters of the world.

About the WODC: Over the last two years over 40 teams from nations in all seven continents have
exhaustively tackled subjects as diverse as diet, aliens, war mongering, marriage, drugs, gambling,
gender bias, socio-economics, the environment and immortality. Each debate has five 24 hour phases
during which participants present and evidence their cases; from anywhere with internet access.
Round Summary: First up were Latvia and Brazil; both countries wrote a variety of points, using each
phase economically. No time was wasted in vagaries but as the adjudicator Josh Martin noted, this was
a clear win for prop :“The Opposition side in this debate failed to match the detail and specificity offered by
the Government side. Following this was a rude awakening for Mongolia1, who naively hit the Czechs
(last year’s champions) with strong argumentation but no substantiation, references or evidence for
support. Both sides remained engaged through the entire run of the debate, coming up with coherent
and sometimes unique (larger families protect the environment) points.

Next were Scotland and Nepal. Nepal improved from last year; a wise old guru meditating in the
Pashupatinath Temple once said peaceful engagement builds more than a dragon’s caustic flame
could ever destroy. To quote adjudicator Loke Wing Fatt, “I awarded the win to Scotland because its
case was cogently and coherently made while Nepal's responses were not adequate.”

Canada defeated Lithuania in a well written debate (albeit with minimal references), in the words of
adjudicator Protagoras “As the samurai said, "To die with a weapon undrawn is to die a dog's death."
Use what you have to make your case as strong as possible!” That said this was a moderately close
debate but not close enough for Lithuania to remain as a best loser into the next round.
Australia won the next debate by walkover. Australia flaunted their incredible talent even in the
face of an invisible enemy but was struck with bad luck in the next round, when they lost the closest
debate of the third WODC to date. While Bangladesh had a strong start, the case presented by
Colombia illuminated in contrast, as adjudicator Sharmila, lamented, “The Defending team outlined
their arguments clearly at the beginning of the debate but were less able to defend their initial
arguments as the debate progressed.”

After this, USA-1 was missing in action albeit Venezuela managed to win accolades from a satiated
adjudicator Abida Shareen, who wrote “The scope of argumentations made was commendable,
especially on the point of how it will be an unjust advantage to the ruling party candidate. I
personally enjoyed the illustration on how it can be used as a propaganda tool to gain the advantage.”
Then Pakistan-1 diligently represented a fair case for democratic representation, to an absent team and
adjudicator. And China missed the summary phase and couldn’t tie up the loose ends of their slightly
fractured argumentation; good show otherwise. “The government (China) made a number of fluent
arguments and took time to engage with some opposition points. But there were two factors which led
them to defeat”. -Colm Flynn.

And then there was what I dub the best debate of the round, more on this below Following that, a
disappointed Josh Martin gave England a win because they fared better than Mongolia-1. Albeit
Josh Martin found that neither England nor Mongolia-1 performed up to par. A slow start for
Nigeria, as in their initial points they made no references or quotations, marking poor organization.
Opposition (Macedonia) managed to make a better first impression by stocking up on abbreviated
links icing well-substantiated arguments from the very start. This performance par excellence was
preserved and bettered still, with stronger rebuttals through the entire run of the debate. As adjudicator
Rinat G remarked, “Side Opposition was very effective in their rebuttal, rebutting straight on Prop's
examples and logic. Opp case was very solid and the ROMA example was right on point and was left
unanswered by Prop side.” And to close, Israel revealed a good many useful debate pointers for all
WODC contenders, with a well-fought run against an absent opponent. In the words of adjudicator
Protagoras, “Opposition wins and they do it in great style and demonstrating many strategies that
future debaters should keep in mind. This is a good model of how to handle a far too common
situation in debates.”

Conclusion: The first round brought into light a truly international spirit. An engaging world voice
resonated in round 1 with multiculturalism and totems of identity glorified to the full. A number of
teams including Australia, Pakistan-2 and Venezuela went through by walkover as their opponents
failed to show. Israel however did break their two year purdah and culminated with an exemplary
performance. All of this means that sixteen teams remain with some yet to type in anger.
^ Debate of the round: There were quite a few interesting ones but if I were to take my pick I would
go with http://goo.gl/8WIP3 . (South Korea V Romania) The length, organization and evidencing of points by both sides was
similarly paced. Neither wrote too aggressively or passively, and their engagement was harmonious.
Prop could have taken on a slightly more direct approach and balanced out a win, as this was a very
close debate. As adjudicator Iqbal Hafiedz put it, “I felt that the style of response coming from
the government stopped short of making an effective conclusion to what they wanted rather left
questions to the adjudicator to answer; which intuitively will favor the government but if reviewed as
to attempts to analyze and reach a conclusion as to effectively persuade the adjudicator, the opposition
slightly edged the proposition.”

1: Latvia vs Brazil, (P R OP W I N S) http://ow.ly/6bhM7
2: USA 2 vs Uzbek istan (OP P W I N S) http://ow.ly/6bhOJ
Monday , 1 August, 13:00 – 14:30 G.M .T
3: Mongolia1 vs. Czech R epublic , (OP P W I NS w ith M ongolia1, best loser1) here
4: Scotland vs. Nepal (P R OP W I NS) here
Tuesday, 2 August, 13:00 – 14:30
5: Lithuania vs. Canada, (OP P W I N S) http://ow.ly/6hC9n
6: Rwanda vs. Australia (OP P W I NS by w alk over) http://ow.ly/6hCeR
Wednesday, 3 August, 13:00 – 14:30
7: Bangladesh vs. Colom bia , (OP P W I N S) http://ow.ly/6hCol
8: USA 1 vs. Venezuela (OP P W I NS by w alk over) http://ow.ly/6hCMy
Thursday, 4 August, 13:00 – 14:30
9: Belgium vs. P ak istan 2 , (OP P W I N S by w alk over) http://ow.ly/6hCSx
10: Zim babw e vs. P ak istan 1 (no show by both sides) http://ow.ly/6hCYu
Friday, 5 August, 13:00 – 14:30
11: China vs. M ex ico , (OP P W I NS) http://ow.ly/6hD6B (Decision by N.H.S)
12: Trinidad and Tobago vs M alaysia (N o show both sides) http://ow.ly/6hDi0
Saturday, 6 August, 13:00 – 14:30
13: Republic of Korea vs. R om ania , (OP P W I N S w ith R epublic Of K orea, best loser2)
http://ow.ly/6hDMi*(Both contenders qualified into the nex t round, arguably one of the the best debates of the
14: Mongolia 2 vs. England ( OP P W I N S) http://ow.ly/6hDWM
Sunday, 7 August, 13:00 – 14:30
15: Nigeria vs. M acedonia , (OP P W I N S) http://ow.ly/6hEcz
16: Kenya vs. I srael (OP P W I N S) http://ow.ly/6hEns Monday, 8 August, 13:00 – 14:30
Proposition vs. Opposition
Winners (including wins by default or bye or walkover) in Bold Italics
Retirements – teams who were inactive for their turn:
Trinidad and Tobago, Zimbabwe, Pakistan 1, Rwanda, USA 1, Malaysia, Belgium and Rwanda
No Shows:
10: Zim babw e vs. P ak istan 1 (no show by both sides) The match
Friday, 5 August, 13:00 – 14:30
12: Trinidad and Tobago vs M alaysia (N o show both sides) The match
Walk Overs:
6: Rwanda vs. Australia (OP P W I NS by w alk over) http://goo.gl/DQ7wU
8: USA 1 vs. Venezuela (OP P W I NS by w alk over) http://goo.gl/8oxKu
9: Belgium vs. P ak istan 2 , (OP P W I N S by w alk over) http://goo.gl/oZzzs
Saturday: 03/09/11,
(WODC Evangelist)

Posted by: Leo, 05 Sep 11, 5:21pm


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