* The Debatewise Team

The Debatewise Team: Alex Helling - Head of research

Alex Helling - Head of research

What would you do if you were Prime Minister for the day?
If it was today I would stop the Heathrow expansion

If you could debate against anyone (living or dead) on any topic, who and what would you choose?
Clemenceau on punnishing Germany – privided we could speak in English!

What would you do if you won the loterry?
Take a holiday, buy a house and invest – BORING, but prudent.

What was the last thing you had a heated debate about and who was it with?
Colin, my brother, on some arcane historical/political subject (this will probably remain true no matter how long this remains up!)

Do you have a favourite charity or cause?
The environment generally, its all so interdependant that it is impossible to pin down an individual issue.

Could you survive without the internet?
Yes – so long as the previous information revolution (books) still exists!

Do you have a secret reality TV addiction? IF SO, CONFESS NOW!
NO! Dont watch much TV in general, if you fear addiction then best to avoid from the start rather than find yourself wasting far too much time

What are your favourite websites?
BBC, asia times online, planetarion

What are the top 5 tunes on your i-tunes playlist?
Swan of tuonela – Sibelius, Master of Puppets – Metallica, Sleeping sun – Nightwish, Missa Solemnis – Beethoven, Black Fields - Capercallie