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The Debatewise Team: David Crane - Founder and MD

David Crane - Founder and  MD

Do you have a favourite charity or cause?
Legalise cannabis – well all drugs really but start with cannabis.  And I don’t even smoke anymore.  The war on drugs has been a disaster.  It can never be won and fighting it does far more harm than good. 

What would you do if you won the lottery?
Buy a big fat Bentley and a house in Hampstead.  Wait, this is going public?  Err, give it away to children’s charities.

Do you have a ‘party trick’? What is it? 
I can juggle.  Always a sign of spending far too long in India.

What was the last thing you cried about?
Extreme Makeover Home Edition.  I know!

Do you have a secret reality TV addiction? IF SO, CONFESS NOW!
I used to love Big Brother, series 1 the most.  Nasty Nick, Craig who gave his entire winnings – all £70,000 of it – to a friend so they could have a heart and lung transplant, the fact they had no idea just how many people were watching.  Fantastic stuff. 

I’ve also been known to mount a vigorous defence of Big Brother (essential in helping reinforce society’s norms when church, family, state no longer carry as much influence).  However, I am bit bored of it now.  Sorry Sharon.

What are your favourite websites?
http://www.google.com – Imagine if Google was gone

What are the tope 5 tunes on your i-tunes playlist?
Cleverly wiped my entire playlist history recently but remember that number 1 used to be Orbital’s “Are we here”.  15 minutes long and I’d played over 70 times – or for 17 hours.  One track.  Blimey.

Falling out of reach – Guillemots
The Bones of You – Elbow
Cologne Cerone Houdini - Goldfrapp
Fans – Kings of Leon
Dirge – Death in Vegas