* The Debatewise Team

The Debatewise Team: Nadia Siddiqi - Rapid Response Team and WODC Evangelist

Nadia Siddiqi - Rapid Response Team and WODC Evangelist

What would you do if you were Prime Minister for the day?
Nothing , people do not usually respond well to change and I’ll probably avoid Gordon Brown.

What was the last thing you cried about?
I lost my USB, two months ago, I still haven’t found it.

If you could debate against anyone (living or dead) on any topic, who and what would you choose?
Voltaire, on whether he’d really defend me to the death.

Do you have a ‘party trick’? What is it?
I disappear

What would you do if you won the lottery?
I would reenact that fantasy scenario where a person in a very large safe is rolling around in huge wads of green cash and laughing diabolically

What was the last thing you had a heated debate about and who was it with?
My sister, on the existence of laser haircuts, I’d rather not talk about it; I’m pretty sure I lost.

Do you have a favourite charity or cause?
No, I do not, thank you for caring.

Could you survive without the internet?
K.E.S.C keeps testing me, on for how long.

Do you have a secret reality TV addiction? IF SO, CONFESS NOW!
I love ‘Beauty and the geek’, I know it’s cheesy and looks silly but alas it is ever-so-much-fun to watch and you wouldn’t know/think it, but it’s very educational/informative.

What are your favourite websites?
PHDcomics, dawn.com.pk, TED.com,debatewise, the economist/BBC/Nytimes websites, astro.com, wiki/Google search, gmail/hotmail/MSN/Yahoo:P, YouTube, lse.edu.ac.uk, londonexternal, Facebook and orkut (the latter two not so much recently)

What are the top 5 tunes on your i-tunes playlist?
Dirty shirt-Oasis, Leaving Las Vegas-Sheryl crow, Stay-Lisa Loeb, Tomorrow-Silverchair, one headlight-wallflowers.I really liked the video for ‘Her morning elegance’ and there’s a song ‘the never-ending why’, I don’t know who sang it.